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    Colorado Sightseeing


    Highway 285 threads its way through the Central Rockies towards Kenosha Pass near the town of Grant, a few miles from Bailey Lodge.

    People the world over vacation in Colorado with the express desire to experience the majesty of our mountains, their stunning beauty, diverse ecosystems and it’s resident wildlife. Others are challenged by the call of the tallest mountains in the lower 48 states. They come to climb them, ride them on mountain bikes, ski them, snowboard them, fish in alpine lakes  and riverine valleys, hunt, see spectacular displays of wildflowers, or just hike the thousands of miles of back-country trails to just experience being present among giants.

    Picture of tourist shooting a picture

    Everywhere you look there’s something remarkable and worth remembering with a camera!

    Whatever your reason for being here there’s no question you’ll find something that fascinates, impassions and satisfies. That’s where Bailey Lodge becomes the ideal place to be. It’s so centrally located it becomes your hub for exploring the Rockies, your way. Within a scant twenty miles from Bailey Lodge you can climb from 6,000 to more than 14,000 feet in elevation to where you can see more than one hundred miles from the top of a “fourteener.”