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    11,669 feet

    Long ago, Guanella Pass road was a wagon trail road used by hard-rock miners who worked in mines seeking gold and silver between the towns of Georgetown and Grant. The highest point along the roadway is the top of Guanella Pass. This fragile arctic tundra-like area is at timberline and is an excellent place to explore alpine plants and their ecosystems.

    At the top of the pass you may encounter ptarmigan, large birds that change the color of their feathers from season to season. You’ll likely see mule deer and elk, perhaps big horn sheep, pine marten, porcupine and a variety of other alpine environment bird species.

    Burning Bear Trailhead


    Burning Bear Trailhead

    There is so much to do along Guanella Pass, the designated Scenic Byway between Bailey Lodge and Georgetown, that it’s hard to know where to begin describing it all. For hiking, snowshoeing and X-C skiing there’s the popular Scott Gomer Creek trail (FSR 602 and FSR 603) and Duck Creek PG trail that runs along Geneva Creek (FSR 119) and Burning Bear Trail.

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    Trail to Mt Bierstadt

    As well, access to the western slope of Mt Bierstadt and the trail to the top of the mountain is accessed from the Guanella Pass road.


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    Guanella Pass Winter Closure Info – Road construction, rock slide road closure updates