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    A young woman sits among wildflowers during a day hike in the Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.

    Make Bailey Lodge your home base and you’ll be ready to explore the many wonders of central Colorado and the Rockies. Located in the northeast corner of Park County, Colorado, two miles southwest of Bailey, Bailey Lodge is easy to find and conveniently located right off Highway 285, about 46 all-highway miles from Denver. Although Bailey is not well known to outsiders, it’s close to many areas that are highly revered for their scenery beauty, historical significance, and unlimited opportunities for outdoor sports and recreation enthusiasts. Here’s a short list of a few of our favorite nearby places:

    Guanella Pass

    Picture of Guanella Pass Roadway

    Guanella Pass Road

    The southern end of the 22 mile-long Guanella Pass Road is just ten minutes from Bailey Lodge. Length of drive is 1 to 2 hours, longer if you stop occasionally and breathe the clean, rarefied air and take in the spectacular alpine views on a more personal level.

    Kenosha Pass

    Picture of dawn breaking on peaks of the Mosquito Range in South Park.

    Dawn breaks onto peaks of the Mosquito Range in South Park. A breathtaking scene you’ll see after cresting Kenosha Pass.

    The Colorado Trail, Vistas of South Park, a vast valley spanning several mountain ranges.

    Hall Valley

    Picture of Webster Pass & Red Cone mountain.

    Webster Pass & Red Cone Mountain

    Red Cone mountain, Gibson Lake Trail, Rosalie Mine, Bullion Mine, more…

    Pike National Forest

    A huge National Forest (our backyard), provides endless recreation possibilities.

    Picture of a woman hiking in the Rocky Mountains

    Hiking in Lost Creek Wilderness offers stunning mountain vistas.

    Lost Creek Wilderness

    A vast wilderness area within Pike National Forest that is easily accessible by foot or horseback. A spectacularly scenic area with a many geological features ideal for hikers and equestrians seeking quality time with Mother Earth.

    Picture of kayakers on Jefferson Lake, Colorado

    Kayaking on Jefferson Lake, an alpine lake popular with adventure-minded outdoors lovers.

    Jefferson Lake

    Scenic alpine lake with hiking trails, paddle boating, trout fishing.